3 Easy Steps to a Better, Successful Life

3 Easy Steps to a Better, Successful Life

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The Successful Life – In this article you will learn three steps that the most successful people in the world use.

While some of these may seem simple the power behind the action of them is unmeasurable.

Simply put you need to follow these rules and guidelines in order to become successful.

First Step – Belief

3 Easy Steps to a Better, Successful Life

Probably the most important but also the most difficult to accomplish at times.

There is a misconception going around that in order to believe in yourself you have to have accomplished riches or success.

Then you can believe in yourself – The problem with this is that its not the truth. In fact if you keep thinking this way you will never reach the goals you set for yourself.

Belief is the fuel that drives your desires and what pushes you to succeed. Without belief there is no amount of studying you can do, books you can read or video you can watch, success starts with Belief in you.

Here is an exercise you can do every morning and it only takes 5 min to do.

After you are awake and going through your morning routine I want you say and do the following:

  1. I am confident that I can achieve my goals and I believe in myself.
  2. Today is a great day and I believe in my abilities to reach my goals.
  3. I am so happy with my actions because my actions are leading me to a successful life.

The power behind this message isn’t in the words its in the Action itself.

By following the above advance you will make a propensity each morning of trusting in yourself and showing your intuitive personality that you are following up on this conviction.

The power and the emotions that originate from this are the mystery that so a large number know yet its not something that can be educated, it must be experienced. Do not skip this step!

Second Step – Visualization

3 Easy Steps to a Better, Successful Life

This step is so important that I wish I could have two number 1’s. People don’t realize the power behind this simple 5 min exercise and the impact it can have on you.

The more you can paint a picture of your ideal life or your goals or whatever it is that you want the more likely it will happen.

This also ties in with Belief in so many ways as you can use this technique to boost not only your mood but also your belief in yourself.

When you can hold images of success in your mind (whatever you deem to be successful) your thoughts and actions will start to align you with what you want.

Just like in Step 1 the more you work on your mind to the success side the more you will start living the life you’ve always wanted to.

But these steps build off of each other and help each other as without Belief it becomes hard to visualize and without visualizing your success it makes it harder to believe you will reach your goals.

There are many articles and books that teach visualization but below are a few quick tips to get you started.

  1. Find somewhere quiet and comfortable for you to close you eyes and visualize.
  2. When your thoughts start to flow dismiss any negative thoughts and try not to think about all that is coming to you. What I mean by this is you are visualizing to become successful not about your bills or your job or the grocery list. Its OK to have these thoughts just don’t dwell on them. Put them aside and only focus on your goals whatever they may be.
  3. Have fun – This is the best exercise you can do and its so much fun. Think of when you wrote a descriptive paper in elementary school. You had to explain in detail the color of a cloud or how a room looked etc. Use this descriptive idea when you visualize and have fun with it. This is your place of enchantment its your mind and you can create anything you want in it. Have fun and feel the emotions of joy when you think of your goals – Do not think of how you are going to get to the goals only the end results. You already have the riches and the cars and the fame or whatever it is when you visualize. Its a world that you make up in your mind and by doing so the outside world will start to change and mimic your visions.

Third Step – Love

3 Easy Steps to a Better, Successful Life

Love is the most powerful emotion in the human body and its the one thing that the most successful people in the world follow.

Love comes in many forms and what I am explaining is that you must feel love for yourself and others. Its a really easy thing to do and below are the actions I want you to take and it will change your life.

Super Tip Tell someone close to you daily that you love them – The main reason behind this is when you utter those words it releases endorphins in the human body.

Endorphins are what make you feel happy and joyful in life, its where excitement comes from.

This technique will also make the other person feel good as well thus brightening their day.

Now I know I love you only takes a few moments to say but my experiences is that it will take you about 5 min to get off the phone with the person you shared it with.

This is a great exercise and the power is behind it is the actual action you take not the words of I love you. The most successful people in the world start the day out with Love and you should too.

Now you know the 3 Easy Steps to living a better more successful life and they start with Belief, Visualization and Love and it only takes 5 min to do each one.

To your amazing success and remember you will have to take Action in order for your life to become as you wish it to be.

In order to become successful you must reach a point of action that creates an experience that only you can have.

Its this experience that takes you to the next level of success and so on and so on. Learn how we create whatever we want in life by following these simple rules.

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