PUBG Founders' Success Stories and What They Can Learn From

PUBG Founders’ Success Stories and What They Can Learn From

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Brendan Greene, the figure behind the famous PUBG and played by millions of people is indeed not too famous. However, it turns out he has a long story in establishing the PUBG.

Apparently there are many things you can learn from it. Anything?

Birth of PUBG

Greene initially worked as a photographer and site developer. After two years working in that field, he returned to his hometown and began to change the classic Arma 2 game into DayZ: Battle Royale using MOD. He experienced great success and from there he was recruited by the game developer Daybreak.

Unfortunately, he did not last long there. He flew to Seoul. There he impressed the people behind BlueHole Korea with his ideas in the field of Battle Royale. This is where PUBG begins. In 2016, BlueHole began developing PUBG and was later released on March 23, 2017.

He reached the point of success in a short time. In fact, within just half a year he was already in the row of the most popular games on Steam. However, success comes with challenges. Competitors make something similar and take the attention of PUBG users. However, Greene never bothered about that.

Things You Can Learn from Brendan Greene

Apart from the long history of the PUBG game and some of the issues and criticisms that have befallen it some time ago, there are actually many things you can take and learn from the founder of this game. Moreover, until now he also prefers a simple life even though the game was a huge success. Here it is the thing you can learn it!

Stay Low Profile

Low profile is the real mentality of the rich. He is rich, but still simple and not spree. PUBG’s success in fact did not make Greene forget himself and this is worth an example. Do not spit luxury through social media is much better.

Careers from One Field to Another

As previously stated, Greene initially had no intention of being in this field. He prefers to become a photographer. However, thanks to that he could even master many fields. So, do not be ashamed if you later work in a field that is not in accordance with the department.

After all, there are many who have succeeded in this way. Remember, in the end what you do will never end in vain. There must be something that can make you more successful. Like Greene. Before becoming a successful PUBG developer, he did various other jobs first.

Can Succeed in a Field that Is Not Too Liked

Interestingly, Greene is actually not a maniac or game enthusiast. He has a wider world than that. But look. He can succeed in fields that he doesn’t really like.

So, do not ever complain if you are now a career in a field that is not your passion. It could be that later you can succeed too!

Keep Calm in Facing Competitors

With the development and advancement of PUBG, there are many competitors that have emerged. When PUBG is on the rise, there are many games with the concept of battle royale that come up. However, Greene never bothered with that. This is definitely worth your example. Keep calm is the key.

Although Brendan Greene has achieved success, in fact he never bothered with what happened and remained simple. Who would have thought, actually he is a billionaire?

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